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Welcome to! is the online presence for Maple Ridge Farm, a family owned farm producing maple syrup since 1850. The 550 acre farm is located near Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

Years ago, maple syrup was produced on the farm by boiling maple sap collected with a horse-drawn sleigh in a large cauldron over a wood fire. Today, maple sap is collected using a vacuum system comprising of more than 10 miles of plastic tubing that stretches from tree to tree. The sap is pre-heated using steam, boiled in an evaporator fuelled by a wood fire and then in a smaller, oil-fired evaporator. This ensures the maple syrup produced is of the highest quality possible.

Maple trees produce the sap required to make maple syrup for only 4-6 weeks each year. This time is spent solely collecting and boiling maple sap. In the off-season, we make maple candy, maple butter, maple sugar, maple jelly, gift baskets, and other products from pure maple syrup. The remainder of our time is spent preparing for the next season.

We are proud to offer you this all-natural product and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

A warm welcome is extended to all by:
Gary, Jean, Kelly and Reid Ivens

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