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Glass Etching by JuliArt Designs

Reflect your identity...

JuliArt Designs has joined forces with our maple syrup team to make a special product even more special. JuliArt's talented artisans create beautiful, custom designs on the glass maple syrup bottles making a perfect keepsake for an award, wedding favour, personalized gift or promotional item. Each image is etched to the finest quality with state of the art sand-blasting technology. Whether you are purchasing one bottle or 100 bottles for your event, JuliArt Designs' are a true reflection of your identity.

Provide us with your company logo, custom artwork, or a heartfelt message to commemorate a special occasion.

Julie & her team have been etching all kinds of glass bottles for over 20 years and we are extremely happy to have such a professional working with us in this area.

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